#TravelDay390 – Flying High

#TravelDay390 – Flying High

After a year of seeing people paragliding over Queenstown I finally took the leap.

I had toyed with the idea of paragliding for quite a while. Almost every day you can see paragliders heading down into Queenstown having jumped from Bob’s Peak. A couple of times we had gone and looked at prices and given it some thought, but had never ended up going for it.

Now with some encouragement from Michelle’s cousins, Jade and Charlotte, who also wanted to do it, and the fact that we were leaving Queenstown soon so it was now or never, we decided to book.

We signed up for the early bird special, as it was cheaper, and would be a great way to start the day.

The plan was that I would jump first, followed by Charlotte and Jade. Michelle and Tina had decided that it wasn’t for them and they were going to watch us jump, and then meet us down in town for breakfast later.

We got a huge surprise when we reached the landing zone after our flights. We were just about to start walking into town, with big grins on our faces, full of adrenaline, when our paragliders got a radio call from their colleagues at the top.

“Can you let Rob know that Michelle and Tina have decided to jump and they will be heading down to you in the next few minutes”

We were amazed. They had both said that they were a bit too scared to do it, but had changed their minds with no pressure from us and we going for it.

What an incredible day.

Here are a few photos from our flights…