#TravelDay400 – One Adventure Ends and a New One Begins

#TravelDay400 – One Adventure Ends and a New One Begins

The last 400 days have been incredible and life changing but today our adventure in New Zealand ends.

When we left the UK for New Zealand back in January 2015, we were stepping into a new life. We were moving away from our homes, to new jobs in a new place. Today we were doing the same thing but in reverse.

We had a flight to China, then another flight to London. As soon as we touched down in Heathrow a new chapter of our life would begin. New jobs, new home, new life.

We would have no regrets to carry, we had done everything that we had wanted to do in New Zealand and we could go back to England and focus on the next stage of our lives.

One chapter ends and the next one begins.


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