Did This Just Become a Dad Blog?!

Did This Just Become a Dad Blog?!

It’s not unusual for Michelle to take a pregnancy test, she’s probably taken about 10 in the last year, so when she told me last night that she was going upstairs to pee on yet another plastic stick I didn’t think much of it.

I even made a joke of it and said “I’m not coming upstairs with you, you’re not pregnant” as I looked back at the TV. Every other month Michelle gets it into her head that she’s pregnant so this wasn’t unusual. ┬áMaybe this time was a bit different seeing as we were actually trying to conceive now, but we had only been trying for just over a month so there was no way I thought it would be this quick.

A few minutes later I heard “Rooooob… oh fuck” from the bathroom.

The first thought that ran through my mind was that she was winding me up, I’d run upstairs and she’d be joking while still waiting for the test to do it’s thing; but there was something in the tone of her call that made me jump up and go sprinting up the stairs, slipping on the bottom step and very nearly falling flat on my face. Michelle was waiting by the bathroom door, holding up the test, smiling. This wasn’t a wind up. I looked at the test, two lines, that means pregnant. I picked up the box, and read the back, yes, two lines means pregnant. Wow!

We hugged. “Is this real?” I asked, “how accurate are these things?”

“99%” she replied

I couldn’t stop smiling, but a big part of me couldn’t believe it. I really wasn’t expecting this, even though we were trying. I thought it would be months before this happened.

“99%.. really? Are you sure? Can we go and get another test” I said

After a few seconds of shock I realised that my hand was wet from holding the test and I rushed to the basin.

“I’ve got your pee on my hand!”

Five minutes later we were in the car and heading to Tesco on the other side of town, avoiding the Sainsbury’s around the corner in case someone we knew spotted us buying pregnancy tests. To Michelle, 99% seemed conclusive, she obviously already suspected she was pregnant which is why she took the test. I needed more convincing, 99% means that 1 out of every hundred could be wrong, we could easily be that one. I needed to see another test, then I’d believe it.
We found them at the back of Tesco and chose a pack of two, the digital kind that can also tell you how many weeks pregnant you are. We quickly purchased them at the self checkout, nervously looking around for anyone that might know us and see what we were buying.

“Let’s get back home” I said as we walked quickly back to the car.

“I can’t pee again yet” Michelle replied, “we will have to wait an hour at least”

As soon as we got home I went into the kitchen and put the kettle on. I was determined that Michelle would be drinking plenty of tea tonight.

We sat on the sofa talking, we were both a whole mixture of emotions, happy and excited, overwhelmed and nervous. An hour or so passed and it was time to take the second test. Michelle has read the packet and it warned that drinking a lot before taking the test could effect the results but surely one cup of tea is not excessive. However, if anything it would say negative and we had the third test for the morning.

I stood outside the bathroom door and waited for Michelle to do what she needed to do. She opened the door and let me in, a timer was flashing on the screen… it seemed like forever until the message appeared.

Pregnant 2-3 Weeks

Now I believed it.

I’m going to be a Dad!



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