How a Four Minute YouTube Video Changed My Wedding Day

How a Four Minute YouTube Video Changed My Wedding Day

Like the vast majority of grooms, I spent my wedding morning with a spinning head and churning stomach as the inevitable nerves kicked in and faint doubts of ‘will she turn up’ flicked through my mind.

The overwhelming thought of being centre of attention for the day began to get the better of me. The ceremony, the speech, the dance; all of these things were daunting and in my mind that is what the day was all about.  I was starting to wonder how I would enjoy the day with all of these nerves floating around.

At around 11, Nigel, my soon-to-be father-in law, arrived at the hotel where I was staying, and where we were all getting ready before heading to the venue. I went down to the hotel lobby to meet him and he handed me an envelope with my name written on in Michelle’s writing.

I took the envelope and went back up to my room, I wasn’t sure what this was but knew that I needed to open this in private. I sat on the edge of the bed and ripped open the envelope, inside was a card that said ‘You’re my Favourite’ on the front. I opened up the card and it said inside..

To Rob
Search #robandmichelleskiwiadventure on YouTube.
I love you so much and can’t wait to be your wife.
Here’s to the next, and biggest, adventure!
Love from Michelle
P.S See you at the altar

I grabbed my phone, opened up YouTube and started typing #robandmichelleskiwiadventure which was the hashtag that we used to share photos to Instagram while we were on our amazing adventure in New Zealand.

In 4 minutes the video had reminded me of every reason why we were getting married today and the timing of it couldn’t have been more perfect. The ceremony, speech and dance were not important, it didn’t matter one bit if I messed up my lines or stood on my own toes, what was important was spending the rest of my life smiling as much as that video made me smile and making as many incredible memories as I could with Michelle. Today was just a celebration of that, not a day to worry about. My whole perspective of the day changed, just like that, and I suddenly felt completely relaxed.

The timing was perfect, the content was perfect, and my soon-to-be wife… she’s perfect too!