Writing my Groom Speech

Writing my Groom Speech

It’s the one thing that I’m terrified of when it comes to the wedding. The dreaded Groom’s Speech!

Standing up in front of a room of 80 people, many of which I don’t know, the centre of attention, the entire room listening to every word I say… The very thought makes my hands sweat!

Here goes ….

Groom’s Speech

Hello everyone.. I’ve got lots of thank you’s and toasts to get through in the next few minutes so please make sure your glasses are full.

I can’t start this speech in any other way than to say how beautiful my wife looks today.. You look incredible!!

*Toast* To my beautiful wife


When we first began planning the wedding I was hoping that I would get away with writing a short speech.. I soon realised that this wouldn’t be possible as it’s going to take 5 minutes just to thank all of the bridesmaids..

So.. on behalf of my wife and I.. I would like to say a huge thanks  to all of the bridesmaids..









Annie Rae


Thank you all for being a huge part of our special day, thank you for helping Michelle to get organised and keeping her calm today, and thank you all for tagging me in a hundred pictures of a blow up doll during the hen weekend…

*Toast* So please, everybody join me in raising your glasses to the beautiful bridesmaids

Tina and Nigel – Flowers

Next I’d like to thank Tina and Nigel for all of their help and support in organising the wedding – 

You’ve done so much for us and we really can’t thank you enough.. from booking us a surprise honeymoon, to bringing wheel barrows full of Prosecco yesterday, you’ve both been amazing.

The first time I met Nigel and Tina, in the Hungry Horse, about a month after Michelle and I got together, Nigel got a telling off from Tina because he started making jokes about our wedding day.. Nigel, I’m sure it doesn’t happen very often but you can now tell Tina ‘I told you so’

In-Laws generally get a pretty bad reputation but I think I’m pretty lucky that I’ve got a father-in-law who always has a fridge full of cold beer, and a mother-in-law who is quite happy to fly around the world to go paragliding and quad biking with us.

So Nigel, Tina, thanks for welcoming me into your family and thanks again for all of your help in making today happen.

*Toast* So let’s have another toast – To the in-laws

Tina – We have some flowers for you..

Mum and Dad – Flowers

Next I would like to thank my parents for all of their help and support, not just in the last few months but for the last 34 years.

It’s really great to know how happy you are for both of us today.

It’s great to know that Michelle is always going to be in your good books for convincing me to leave New Zealand and move back to the UK

*Toast* – Let’s raise our glasses again, to the parents

Mum – We have some flowers for you


A big thank you to my groomsmen, to my best man Gaz for letting me get off pretty lightly on my Stag Do, thank you to the ushers, my brothers, Paul and David and the page boys Luke and Harry for being a part of our day..

Laura- Hen Do – Prosecco

We’d also like to say a special thank you to Laura for organising such an awesome hen do for Michelle..

We have a bottle of prosecco for you which I’m sure you’ll be trying to fill your glass up from under the table later when the bar opens…

Rachel and Charlotte – Hair – Prosecco and Disarrano

Rachel and Charlotte.. A big thank you for taking care of everyone’s hair this morning

Dodmoor Staff – Clare

A big thank you to Clare and all of the Dodmoor staff who have been awesome in helping us to plan this day.

A huge thank you from me for having a venue so beautiful that I managed to convince Michelle to have our day here and avoided the 2 hour Catholic Church wedding

Thank Everyone for Coming –

Then we’d like to say a huge thank you to all of you for joining us today.

It really is overwhelming that so many people have travelled here to share in this day with us. We realise that for many of you it’s meant booking a day off work so we really do appreciate it.

With guest travelling from as far as Bulgaria it really is humbling.

We both look forward to thanking you all personally as we enjoy a drink with you later today.

Michelle –

Lastly and most importantly I’d like to thank my beautiful wife Michelle..

Firstly, thank you for turning up today.. it would have been a very different day without you.

I once read a quote that said ‘If you find a girl that you think is the one,  don’t just marry her, but buy a plane ticket and travel with her, go as far as you can for as long as you can and push yourselves out of your comfort zones, go to places where you don’t know anybody apart from each other, go to places that are hard to get to and hard to leave, and when you get back, if you still think she is the one, marry her, at the airport.

Now, I didn’t manage to arrange a wedding at the airport but I did propose to Michelle just the day before we flew back home because I knew that it didn’t matter where we were in the world, the love would be just the same, and it doesn’t matter whether we are in New Zealand, Australia, Stoke on Trent or Leamington Spa, every day together is an adventure and wherever we are together, that’s our home!

So please, everybody stand up and join me in toasting my wife..

So here’s to marriage, our greatest adventure so far, and to my beautiful wife Michelle.


Handover to Gaz –

Now it’s time for me to hand over to my best mate and best man, Gaz, who text me last night to say that he had no embarrassing stories about me at all and would have to make things up today.