#TravelDay385 – Quad Biking in Franz Josef

#TravelDay385 – Quad Biking in Franz Josef

With the rain forest living up to its name we were unable to visit the glacier as planned. Instead, we hired quad bikes and raced through the muddy forest!

As soon as I woke up I knew that our day wasn’t going to go as planned.

Sleeping in the ‘over-cab’ bed at the top of the motorhome meant that my head was only a few inches away from the roof. I could hear the torrential rain pounding the outside of the metal roof, in fact, I couldn’t hear anything else.

I lay there for a while trying to wake up. There’s something really relaxing about the sound of heavy rain when you’re warm and dry in bed.

We had planned to visit Franz Josef Glacier today and Michelle’s cousins, Jade and Charlotte, were thinking about taking a helicopter flight up onto the glacier. I didn’t need to open the curtains to know that there would be no flights today.

We only had two real options for the day, one was to visit the hot pools for a relaxing swim in the pools, the other was to hire quad bikes and go for a ride through the muddy rainforest.

We obviously chose the latter.

In some of the heaviest rain we had seen in more than a year in New Zealand, we managed to have an amazing time riding through forest tracks, muddy bogs and deep water.

Here are a few photos from our four-wheeled adventure….